computerReturn-it Center

Come visit us and get cash back by bringing in your bottles and recyclables. Our friendly staff will help you process your returns quickly. Best of all, there is no limit on the number of returns! While you are there, ask one of our helpful staff about our bottle drive service.

bottleBottle Drive Service

Full refunds on all containers including beer, free supply drop-off, and free-pick-up… It’s no wonder people love doing bottle drives with Alpine. Choose Alpine for your next bottle drive and let us help you maximize your fundraising potential.

recycleRecycling Center

Our recycle center is conveniently located in our facility to make recycling as easy as possible. We have a huge list of items we currently recycle to help leave no waste behind. Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable will help you from start to finish. Thanks for recycling.

Transfer Station

Our Transfer Station is designed for convenience. We understand you are very busy, and we appreciate you taking time out of your day to bring your unwanted items to Alpine.

soilSoil Mart

Our soil mart offers a wide range of landscaping products including compost, topsoil, bark mulch, sand, and gravels. We sell by the bag, by the can, or by the yard, and no amount is too small or too large. Our machines can load trailers, trucks, and even dump trucks quickly and safely. Please visit our soil mart and check out our products. Your garden will thank you!

eventsSpecial Events

We understand the stress that can come with special event planning, preparation, and execution. That’s why we think about things you may not. We offer everything from portable toilets, to recycling, compost, and refuse containers to make your event clean up a breeze. To learn more about our event services, contact our event coordinator specialist.